Service Evaluations

Inspect What You Expect

No casino property can afford to have a gap between the promise of quality and its actual delivery at the front line.

Providing consistently great customer service is an unrelenting challenge. Understanding exactly what happens to a typical customer during a typical visit to your property is essential to meeting this challenge. Unless you have a way to “inspect what you expect” out of your employees, you may not only fail to exceed your customer’s expectations, but you probably will not even meet them.

Field Evaluation Services, commonly referred to as “Mystery Shopping” offer you the means to accomplish this by providing objective feedback on your product, staff and/or facility – the data you require to make decisions about what to change, or not to change, in the future. This information helps you to not only identify existing weaknesses at the front line, but also to introduce solid solutions that allow you to strengthen those areas.

A shopping program designed and implemented by the Kirandt Group will

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses at the front line
  • Expose training needs
  • Direct your managers to areas most needing improvement
  • Increase accountability for customer service throughout the organization
  • Support incentive programs

Kirandt custom designs shopping programs that give you an insight into how your property presents itself to your customers, while focusing on your concerns regarding service, quality and cleanliness. Our evaluators are trained to accurately reflect their experience on forms custom-designed for your property. Their factual information is tabulated and executive summaries are drawn so that your management team can monitor every part of your service on a regular basis. Kirandt will provide you with data that is timely, factual and relevant.

The casino industry spends an enormous amount of marketing dollars in the acquisition of their players. An equally large sum is dedicated to retaining these patrons. If successful in attaining its goal, these funds can only be considered well spent if the company also succeeds in following through with the satisfactory experience they promise to their guests. The Kirandt Group can help you meet this challenge head on by providing the information you require to be a market leader.